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The special collections
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The QVMAG Library is honoured to hold a number of unique collections, most of which were once the possesion of a number of notable individuals of the local community.

The Bligh Collection
The Library's collection of books that belonged to 'Housewife Superstar' Marjorie Bligh, who passed away in September 2013, comprises 79 titles in total. The collection is neatly divided into three areas: 1. Marjorie's childhood gift books; 2. Books authored by Marjorie; 3. Books on the topics of cooking and domestic management.

The Maddock Collection
The library of the late Bea Maddock numbers 847 titles and covers many disciplines of the visual arts, with a majority of books focussing on forms such as painting and printmaking from the Renaissance period through to the modern era. Well represented artists include Albrecht Dürer, William Blake, John Glover, Jasper Johns and Colin McCahon. The majority of the collection, which includes six rare books, was gifted by Bea to the QVMAG Library in May 2013.

The Plomley Collection
The extensive collection of the late N.J.B. 'Brian' Plomley was gifted to the Library in September 1984 with the establishment of the Plomley Foundation. Brian Plomley was director of the QVM from 1946 to 1950 and later in life became an Hon. Research Associate with the Museum. He enjoyed a long and diverse academic career and authored several important works on the Tasmanian Aborigines.

The Plomley Collection strongly reflects Brian Plomley's areas of research: Tasmanian history (especially Tasmanian Aboriginal history); the natural and physical sciences; and, early voyages and discovery of Australia and Tasmania. It remains an open collection; new acquisitions are added to it on behalf of the Plomley Foundation by the QVMAG Library.

Attendant to the main collection of books and serials is a much smaller collection of reprints, as well as the Plomley Foundation Collection, which holds the collected output of research funded by the Plomley Foundation since 1984. Brian's collection of rare books remains one of the Library's more important rare collections.

The Reynolds Collection
The working library of the eminent Australian historian Henry Reynolds was donated to QVMAG Library in April 2011. The collection of 1,356 titles covers Aboriginal history, including Aboriginal/settler relations in colonial Australia, as well as more contemporary issues relevant to Australian Aborigines in today's society: social and political movements, law and legislation, Native Title and land rights, the Stolen Generation, racism, &c. There is also a significant number of books on the social sciences, education, political science and Australian politics. The collection mostly consists of publications from the 1970s onward.  

The W. R. Rolph Collection
The QVMAG Library holds a small collection of 39 items that once belonged to William Robert Rolph, proprietor of The Examiner newspaper. Most of the collection's titles were published during the inter-war years; most titles came as part of a donation from 'The Examiner' newspaper. The main collection is accompanied by a smaller collection of eight rare books.  

The Royal Society of Tasmania, Northern Chapter Collection
In 2013, the library of the Royal Society of Tasmania Northern Chapter was re-established at the QVMAG Library. The collection is a general reference resource that concentrates on history and the natural sciences. It is still very much in its formative stages, with growth being very much dependent on donations from members.

Of the Society's previous northern library collection, items can today still be found within the various collections at Launceston LINC or amongst the historical journals held by the Sir John Ramsay Memorial Library at the Launceston General Hospital. Most items held by the QVMAG Library were returned to the Society in 1974, with a very small number of volumes retained as part of QVMAG Library collections. A detailed holdings list of the Society's previous northern library collection is contained within Bulletin no. 6 (29 March 1974) of the Society's Northern Chapter.

The Royal Society of Tasmania's main library collections, including its significant rare collections, are held by the Morris Miller Library, University of Tasmania.

The Sims Collection
Peter Sims is an Honorary Research Associate with the Museum. He was awarded an OAM for his contribution to conservation and the environment. His collection focuses on his diverse interests on Tasmania, including Tasmanian Aborigines, rock art, Tasmanian history, biographies, the natural environment, conservation campaigns, artists, and his family history. The main collection is accompanied by a smaller collection of rare books.

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