Conservation brushes

QVMAG has a duty of care to the wealth of items in its collections. Our Conservation Department plays an important role in caring for collection materials and ensuring their preservation for future generations to study and enjoy.

The QVMAG Conservators represent the three broad areas of conservation specialisation: Objects, Paper and Paintings. 

QVMAG Conservators undertake treatments in their area of specialisation. They also often undertake research and analysis into individual items, whether to learn more about the object's history, to investigate the materials and techniques its creator employed, or to inform a problematic treatment.

The Conservation Department is also responsible for the QVMAG preventative conservation program. This includes monitoring the QVMAG environment to ensure that collection materials are protected from the deleterious effects of excess light, pests, extreme temperatures and relative humidity, whether in storage, on display or during transit. Conservators also apply preventative measures to individual collection items according to their needs. This includes installing protective backboards to paintings and framed works of art on paper. 

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