The Royal Society of Tasmania Lecture Series: April


The Future of Humanity

Humans have persisted in our modern evolved form for two hundred millennia and are now a dominant force of nature on planet Earth. But are we near the end of, or closer to the beginning of, our lifespan as a species? Prof. Brook will consider some concerning existential environmental threats facing humanity during the 21st century and also speculate on the optimistic long-term future of ‘humanity.’

Professor Barry Brook

Barry Brook, an ecologist and modeller, is an ARC Australian Laureate Professor and Chair of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Tasmania. His awards include the 2006 Australian Academy of Science Fenner Medal, the 2010 Community Science Educator of the Year and 2013 Scopus Researcher of the Year. His research focuses on the impacts of global change   on biodiversity, ecological dynamics, paleoenvironments, and energy.

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  • Sunday, 28 April 2019 | 01:30 PM


Meeting Room, QVMAG Inveresk, 2 Invermay Road, Invermay 7249  View Map

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