About the artists

Get to know the artists featured throughout the Electric Botany trail. 


Mat Carey


Mat Carey is a human artist from Tasmania, Earth. He likes to walk the lands of the planet seeking inspiration for wild visual ponderings.
He is an artist that will work in many mediums but still think of himself as a painter loving brushes and aerosols.Working in the arts for 8 years now, Mat has done some university things but feels he learned more about everything making art and getting lost in existing.


Title and Statement of Work

"The Sea meets Sky and the Wanderings"

This artwork by Mat is comprised of both a complete, yet oversized diagram of the Microlaena Tasmanica species surrounded by ‘exploded’ diagrams made of the shapes and colours found within the first diagram and placed abstractly.

Mat Carey.jpg
Mat Carey 2.jpg

Emma Magnussen-Reid


Emma Magnusson-Reid was born in Tasmania's northwest and raised on a rural property. Her practice is multi-disciplinary, spanning sculpture, installation, printmaking, painting and digital work. Nature is an important source of inspiration which motivates Emma to develop bodies of work with a focus on the environment that address what it means to exist in the world. Through her art, Emma explores conceptual notions of natural and unnatural environments from the female perspective; embracing intimidation and infinite absurdity through making. Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of Creative Arts in Hobart, majoring in sculpture and printmaking in 2017 and in the same year she was the recipient of the inaugural Salamanca Arts Centre Emerging Artist Scholarship. Since then Emma has exhibited work with various institutions in solo and group shows throughout Tasmania.


Title/Statement of Work

Climate Strange I & II


Emma Magnussen-Reid.jpg
Emma Magnussen-Reid 2.jpg

Paul Eggins


Paul Eggins works for Launceston City Council at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery as an Exhibitions Officer. In the past, Paul has worked on, and led multiple projects for institutions such as MONA FOMA, Junction Arts Festival, 10 Days on the Island and the University of Tasmania. He has a long history with street-art based projects, including various works in Launceston, Hobart, Devonport and Burnie. Outside of Tasmania, his work can be found in Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne. In 2016 Paul travelled to Stavanger, Norway, to volunteer at the NuArt Festival, one of the world's leading festivals in the field. This international experience exposed Paul to a whole new system of street-art, mostly which he has implemented into the Electric Botany project.


Paul Eggins 2.jpg
Paul Eggins.jpg

Tilly Clough


Tilly Clough (B. 1989) is a Tasmanian artist based in Launceston. She has focussed much of her artistic life on portraiture. In 2014, Tilly earned two prizes in The Tasmanian Portraiture Prize, in both The Sponsors’ Choice and The People’s Choice categories, and was selected as a finalist again in 2017. While Tilly has primarily worked in portraiture, she has broad artistic interests and has recently begun to experiment with portraying the natural environment using different techniques and mediums. Tilly also dedicates time to the arts in her capacity as Artistic Coordinator for Party In The Paddock, a role she has enjoyed for many years.


Title/Statement of Work


This work is a response to Margaret stones illustrations, abstracting the shapes and colours into a new piece which reflect the curiosity and magic her work evokes.


Tilly Cough.jpg

Grace McDonald


Grace McDonald was born and raised in Tasmania and has always loved being exposed to the beauty of plants and wildlife. Grace has spent most of her life studying and creating art, based around the environment she is exposed to everyday. Deconstruction of images and bold use of colour are my main techniques and my subjects are plants I have stumbled across in my travels. As an artist I strive to learn and grow as plants do and by creating works with an array of colour and pattern, teach viewers the beauty behind the chaos of everyday life. 


Title/Statement of Work

"The Dracophyllum Twist"

Molly Woof 2.jpg

Josh Foley


Josh Foley, (B. 1983) holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Art (Hons) from the University of Tasmania. He has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and has received prestigious awards, grants and residencies. His work is held in many public and private collections throughout Australia, notably, in the collection of the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery.

In 2011 Josh won The John Glover Prize which was then the richest landscape prize in Australia. Anthony Bond OAM, speaking in 2011, then Curator of International Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and head judge of the Glover prize 2011, said of Josh’s work; it’s “…talking about the whole history of the conventions of western painting.”

Recent residencies include, Bundanon, Illaroo, New South Wales (2016); Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France (2015). Recent commissions include, Tasmanian Government Artsite Scheme, Taroona High School, Taroona (2016); Tasmanian Government Artsite Scheme, Latrobe Primary School, Latrobe (2016).

Recent solo exhibitions include, Calculating Infinity at QVMAG, Launceston (2020);The Disrupted Gaze at Despard Gallery, Hobart (2017); Blue Lines at MOP Projects: Hosted by Galerie pompom, Sydney (2015); Parametric Painting Institute at Gallerysmith Project Space, North Melbourne (2015); Transference at Devonport Regional Gallery, Devonport (2014); Caffeine as part of PAINTFACE Curated by Polly Dance at Constance ARI, Hobart (2014); The Parataxic Sublime at Kings ARI, Melbourne (2013).

Title/Statement of Work

"Wild Street Flower Stones Flow #1 & #2."

The works speak of the incredible energy, wonder and vibrancy that Margaret Stones imbued in her works; they describe the colour, the organic exactitude and the natural harmonies made available by the flowers themselves.


Josh Foley.jpg
Josh Foley 2.jpg

Thomas Chandler


Launceston based artist, Thomas Chandler, born in 1988, works with acrylic and oil paint, centering on themes of humanity and the human experience. Holding a Bachelor in Architecture from the University of Tasmania, Thomas draws inspiration from the built world, and the people, objects and natural world that inhabit it. Always with an interest in visual communication, Thomas has been focused over the last three years in honing his skills in oil painting to produce snapshots of his participation in the conditions surrounding him. 


Title/Statement of Work

"Green and Black"

This work is a response to the colours and shapes, particularly of the reproductive systems of the flora of Tasmania as communicated by Margaret Stones’ through watercolours. 

Thomas Chandler.jpg

Lewis Lennon


Lewis Lennon is a young Tasmanian artist currently in his second year of Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania. Lewis primarily works with ink and paper in black and white, specifically focusing on subject form, and uses a stippling technique to create fine detailed drawings that get as close to realism as possible.


Title/Statement of Work

"Silhouettes and Punisher"

In collaboration with Kira Ann on this project, the shapes of M. Stone’s botanical drawings are complemented by her unique ‘jackal’ figures in shadow form. The specific and particular shapes of M. Stone’s botanical drawings were the sole inspiration for Lennon’s painting, staying true to the original design.

Lewis Lennon and Kira Ann 2.jpg
Lewis Lennon and Kira Ann.jpg

Kira Ann


Kira Ann is a painter, currently in her second year of Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania. Ann’s practice is intrinsically linked to her life, concerned with interpersonal relationships, memory, and the passage of time. With the philosophy of hauntology, Ann creates images that inspire a sense of unease and familiarity; capturing moments of nuanced adolescence through distortion and abstraction.


Title/Statement of Work

In collaboration with Lewis Lennon, these values combine with highly controlled, aesthetic principles to create images inspired by botanical illustrator Margaret Stones.


Lewis Lennon and Kira Ann 2.jpg
Lewis Lennon and Kira Ann.jpg

Melanie Fidler


Melanie Fidler is an artist based on the East Coast of Tasmania, whose love for the island state drives her creative process. With her personalized and illustrative style, Melanie creates fictional characters, flora and environments loosely based on Tasmanian folklore, tales of Van Dieman’s Land and ideas of nature, femininity and the unknown. Whilst completing a 2016 Bachelor of Contemporary Art (Honours) at The University of Tasmania in Launceston she was actively involved in various exhibitions, collaborations, art festivals and developmental workshops. Melanie has held three solo shows including Hyper Environment at S.P.A.C.E Gallery, a result of winning the UTAS, Honours, exhibition award


Title/Statement of Work

"Rogue Gondwana I and II"

This work draws ideas from a thriving Gondwana like paradise, directly inspired by the Dracophyllum Milliganii an endemic flowering shrub found in the southwest wilderness of Tasmania. 

Mel Fidler .jpg
Mel Fidler 2.jpg

Molly Woof


Molly Woof was born in 1991 on a small island off the coast of Kenya. Aged 18 months, Molly moved to another equally unique island: Tasmania. Distinctiveness of place has been a continuing theme throughout Molly’s practice that uses watercolour and acrylics to explore relationships between humans, the landscape and animals. Molly's obsession with drawing birds began in preschool when a taxidermied plover was brought into her classroom. A fascination with visual art blossomed and Molly completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of Tasmania in 2016.

Title/Statement of Work

"A trip to Cape Pillar"

This artwork is a response to Margaret Stones' illustrations of the Hakea plant. 


Grace McDonald.jpg


Molly Woof.jpg

Amelia (Mimi) Digney


Amelia Digney, (AKA Mimi) is a Tasmanian artist who is a nature lover at heart. Mimi developed a keen interest in science and the arts from a very young age through watching natural science and David Attenborough documentaries. Mimi grew up surrounded by an artistic family and numerous animals while her grandfather was a head ranger of Tasmanian National Parks. Ecology and faunae inspired my creative development as Mimi became fascinated by non-human languages and animal and plant behaviours.


Title/Statement of Work

"Black Cockatoos and Yellow Banksias"

This piece is inspired by the regular sighting of Yellow-tailed black cockatoos munching on the flowering banksias in my backyard. when I noticed that Margaret Stones had painted the details of the plant so beautifully I simply couldn't help myself but smile at the though of watching the very same flower being enjoyed by the cheeky native birds that regularly stop to feed on the seeds it produces. 


"Swift Parrots and Flowering Bluegum"

The swift parrot piece was inspired by the intricate illustration of the flowers on a bluegum painted by Margaret Stone. The bluegum tree is a beautiful native to Tasmania that attracts the endangered migratory swift parrots annually from the mainland to feed and nest in its branches here in Tasmania. I always look forward to seeing these sweet little parrots arriving in Launceston for their breeding season and seeing them play among the bluegums in flower.


Amelia Digney 2.jpg
Amelia Digney.jpg

Jamie Stacey


Jamie Stacey is a Launceston based artist. His work incorporates elements of experience, religion, life & death. He has a deep respect for the alchemical process of each painting. The pigment, brush, canvas and execution. Attempting to manipulate earthly elements into something spiritual.


Title/Statement of Work


This painting responds to Stones illustrations of the Red Tasmanian Waratah (Telopea Truncata) due to its connection with the early 20th century Australian musician, Leila Waddell.

Jamie Stacey.jpg