Yarn Bombing for Marjorie


Marjorie Bligh was well known throughout Tasmania for writing helpful and entertaining advice on household management, craft, cooking, and gardening.

QVMAG is the proud beneficiary of a large collection of Marjorie's work, which will be showcased in the 2019 exhibition, Marjorie Bligh: Domestic Goddess. The exhibition is set to open in April. 

QVMAG has launched a community craft project to yarn bomb the museum's entrance in time for the exhibition.

Thank you to members of the public that have donated yarn, clean plastic bags and washed stockings to QVMAG for use in this project. We are no longer accepting donations of materials.

Registered participants are close to completing knitted and crocheted artistic panels that will be installed throughout the Museum site at Inveresk. The project will be officially launched at the end of March 2019.

Stay tuned for updates as this exciting project progresses!