Contemporary Collection

QVMAG at Royal Park

Ongoing in Gallery 6 at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery, Royal Park 

Gallery 6 at the Art Gallery at Royal Park has become a changing exhibition space showcasing highlights from our contemporary collection, including photography, video and paintings. 

Currently, a video work by Daniel Crooks and two photographs by Deborah Paauwe are on display.  

Daniel Crooks was born 1973 Hastings, New Zealand and now lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria. Crooks' video practice uses a range of complex techniques to produce visual and sound effects that stretch, warp and interrogate our usual concepts of time and space. Pan No. 5 (tangential acceleration) captures a crowded platform of commuters that Crooks has morphed into a hypnotic reinterpretation of what should normally be a familiar scene. 

Daniel Crooks Pan No 5.jpg
Image: Pan No. 5 (tangential acceleration) 2004 by Daniel Crooks. Digital video 3 minutes 29 seconds, 16:9, stereo. Edition 1 of 5. Purchased with funds from the Turner Ralph Bequest, 2011. QVM:2011:FV:0001

Deborah Paauwe was b
orn 1972 Westchester, Pennsylvania, USA. Paauwe now Lives and works in Adelaide, South Australia. Paauwe's photography invites the viewer to act in the role of voyeur by capturing intimate, often theatrical interactions between her subjects. The images are haunting, mysterious and gently playful, allowing the audience to create their own narrative. 

Deborah Paauwe Foreign Body.jpg
Image: Foreign Body 2004 by Deborah Paauwe. Chromogenic photograph, Purchased with funds from the City of Launceston, 2010