Phenomena Factory

Phenomena Factory Museum at Inveresk


Play in the Phenomena Factory at the Museum at Inveresk as you learn about science through interactive activities for all ages.

From mirror walls to making music with pipes and flip flops, the Phenomena Factory is the perfect blend of science and fun ­- they won't even realise they're learning.

This is a free activity at the Museum at Inveresk, open daily between 10am to 4pm.

Highlight activities include

Hand Battery

Electricity is a form of energy and is caused by the movement of electrons. Place your hands on the copper and zinc plates and watch as the salt in your body reacts with the electrons in the metal plate to move the energy dial. How high can you make the dial move?

Talking vases

Spin the white vase on its pedestal and let the magic happen. What can you see? While staring, two faces will emerge on either side of the vase, all thanks to the illusion of negative space. Often when we look at an object, we neglect the space around it which can change what we see (in this case, two faces talking to each other!).

Interactive energy conversion

This fun activity shows how energy can be transferred from one thing to another. Use your own energy as your turn the dial and power the generator to turn on a lamp, power solar panels and a battery, and eventually power a mechanical scoop to drop out a lolly as the end result!

Mirror wall

What can you see in each mirror shape? Watch as the curved mirror distorts your shape, the concave mirror makes you taller and the convex mirror makes you appear shorter! 


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