Planetarium Schedule

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Please note that the Planetarium does not run shows on Sundays or Mondays.



  • 1pm Capcom Go!
  • 3pm We Are Stars



  • 1pm Birth of Planet Earth
  • 3pm The Sun: Our Living Star



  • 1pm We are Aliens
  • 3pm From Earth to the Universe*
*Please note that the showing of Earth to the Universe at 3 pm on 30 July will be unavailable. 



  • 1pm Capturing the Cosmos
  • 3pm Birth of Planet Earth

*Please note that the showing of Birth of Planet Earth at 3 pm on 31 July will be unavailable. 


  • 2pm From Earth to the Universe
  • 3pm Birth of Planet Earth


Children under 5 are not admitted to public shows, with the exception of the special children's shows each weekday morning during school holidays which are open to all ages.