Art Competitions

Art and craft


On display at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery is the Primary school student art exhibition, whose current theme is: Cobwebs, Tangles and Networks. This exhibition will continue until 24th April 2019 at the Art Gallery at Royal Park.

ArtStart is an exhibition program designed to encourage children's participation in the visual arts and is open to kindergarten to grade six students in Northern Tasmania.

The exhibition explores the variety of visual patterns presented by cobwebs, tangles and networks in our daily lives and the student's work is vibrant, intuitive and strong, using line and pattern to create a piece of art worthy of exhibition.

Each year QVMAG celebrates three major artistic competitions for younger people: ArtStart, ArtHigh and ArtRage.

ArtStart is open to Primary aged students.

Our competitions encourage young people to use a range of art mediums to explore assigned themes.


Upcoming Exhibition

The theme of next term's exhibition is Quaint, Quirky and Peculiar which relates specifically to our upcoming Marjorie Bligh exhibition. The competition is to be guest curated by some talented students who will help select, arrange and host the exhibition which is to be launched on 12th June 2019. The idea of the theme is to allow the students freedom to explore visually unusual and interesting subjects which in turn may lend themselves to different techniques or treatments, expanding the students artistic repertoire. We are excited to witness the end result!

Selected entries will be displayed at the Art Gallery at Royal Park from June to November 2019.

ArtRage exhibits works by Tasmanian students at college level. Held annually, the event regularly attracts vibrant, thought-provoking pieces by a new generation of creative professionals.