Black Holes

What is a black hole? How do they form? How do we find them? A black hole is one of the strangest types of objects in the Universe.

Imagine a region of space from which even light cannot escape. That is what many scientists, including Einstein, imagined long before we showed that they actually exist. There is even a huge one right in the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. 

In this amazing program, we take a look at what black holes really are, how they form, and how the wonderful physics of how black holes distort space and time. We even take a look at what would happen if we got too close to one - and it's something that we don't recommend! 

Every planetarium show includes a discussion session on astronomy and a live presentation showing Tasmania's current night sky.

Suitable for

Year 9-12

Curriculum links

Earth and Space Science

Session type



$5.50 per child


45 mins


Museum at Inveresk