HJ King Cameras and Carburettors: Then and Now-Design and Technology

Explore the transport and technology of 1920 to present day in Tasmania.

Students will be guided through Transporting the Island in Tasmanian Connections and the HJ King: Cameras and Carburettors exhibition to discover how technology, such as cars, bikes and cameras, has been utilised and evolved over time.

Year 1 HASS

· Continuity and change between aspects of their daily lives and their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods (AC9HS1K02).

Year 2 HASS  

· A local individual, group, place or building and the reasons for their importance, including social, cultural or spiritual significance (AC9HS2K01).

· How technological developments changed people’s lives at home, and in the ways they worked, travelled and communicated (AC9HS2K02).

· Discuss perspectives related to objects, people, places and events (AC9HS2S04).