HJ King Cameras and Carburettors: Then and Now-People and Place

Students will be guided through HJ King: Cameras and Carburettors to discover communities and landscapes of early 21st century Tasmania through the eyes of HJ King, and compare them to the Tasmania of today.

Tours will be catered to your students' year level.


Year 1 HASS            

· continuity and change between aspects of their daily lives and their parents’ and grandparents’ childhoods (AC9HS1K02)

· the natural, managed and constructed features of local places, and their location (AC9HS1K03)

Year 2 HASS

· a local individual, group, place or building and the reasons for their importance, including social, cultural or spiritual significance (AC9HS2K01)

· how places can be spatially represented in geographical divisions from local to regional to state/territory, and how people and places are interconnected across those scales (AC9HS2K03)

Year 3 HASS

· causes and effects of changes to the local community, and how people who may be from diverse backgrounds have contributed to these changes(AC9HS3K01)

· why people participate within communities and how students can actively participate and contribute to communities (AC9HS3K07)

Year 6 HASS

· Australia’s interconnections with other countries and how these change people and places (AC9HS6K05) 

Year 8 Geography

· the location and distribution of Australia’s distinctive landscapes and significant landforms (AC9HG8K02)

Year 9 Geography  

· the effects on places of people’s travel, recreational, cultural or leisure choices, and the strategies for managing the impacts on these places (AC9HG9K06)