History of Launceston

Discover some of the significant events in the history of Launceston. Students will compare maps from 1825 and 2006, learn about the opening of the tramways and the 1929 floods. In groups they will consider how Launceston has and hasn't changed as they try to match streetscapes from the 1940s and today. Exploring artefacts will allow them to consider some of the important industry that has helped to shape Launceston.

Students will record what they find out on a timeline.

Suitable for

Year 3

Curriculum links


  • How the community has changed and remained the same over time and the role that people of diverse backgrounds have played in the development and character of the local community (ACHASSK063)

  • Locate and collect information and data from different sources, including observations (ACHASSI053)

  • Sequence information about people's lives and events (ACHASSI055)

  • Interact with others and share points of view (ACHASSI059)

2022 Curriculum

Year 2 HASS:

  • Collect, sort and record information and data from observations and from provided sources, including unscaled timelines and labelled maps or models (AC9HS2S02).

Year 3 HASS:

  • Causes and effects of changes to the local community, and how people who may be from diverse backgrounds have contributed to these changes (AC9HS3K01).

  • Locate, collect and record information and data from a range of sources, including annotated timelines and maps (AC9HS3S02)

  • Present descriptions and explanations, using ideas from sources and relevant subject-specific terms (AC9HS3S07)

Session type

Workshop session


$5.50 per student


1 hour


Museum at Inveresk