Tasmania at War - WWI

Through the examination of  artefacts students will consider the stories of four Tasmanians who fought or contributed to the war effort.

Suitable for

Year 9

Curriculum links


  • Identify and analyse the perspectives of people from the past  (ACHHS172)

  • An overview of the causes of WWI and the reasons why men enlisted to fight in the war (ACDEH021)

  • The places where Australians fought and the nature of warfare during WWI, including the Gallipoli campaign (ACDSEH095)

  • The impact of WWI, with particular emphasis on Australia including the changing role of women (ACDSEH096)

2022 Curriculum

Year 9 History:

  • The causes of World War I and the reasons why Australians enlisted to fight in the war (AC9HH9K08).

  • The places of significance where Australians fought, their perspectives and experiences, including the Gallipoli campaign, the Western Front and the Middle East (AC9HH9K09).

  • The effects of World War I on Australian society, such as the role of women, political debates about conscription, relationships with the British Empire, and the experiences of returned soldiers (AC9HH9K11).

  • Compare perspectives in sources and explain how these are influenced by significant events, ideas, locations, beliefs and values. (AC9HH9S06)

  • Analyse different and contested historical interpretations (AC9HH9S07)

Session type

Workshop session


$5.50 per student


1-1.5 hours


Museum at Inveresk