The science of music

Come and explore the science of music at the Museum.

Students will learn about sound being a vibration.

Students will then make different musical instruments and explain how they create sound.

Suitable for

 Years P–2

Curriculum links


  • Prep–Year 2 Technologies:
    Explore the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to produce designed solutions (ACTDEK004)

  • Year 1 Science:
    Light and sound are produced by a range of sources and can be sensed (ACSSU020)

2022 curriculum

  • Prep-Year 1 Technologies:

    Generate, communicate and evaluate design ideas, and use materials, equipment and steps to safely make a solution for a purpose (AC9TDEFP01).

  • Year 2 Science:
    Explore different actions to make sounds and how to make a variety of sounds, and recognise that sound energy causes objects to vibrate (AC9SU02).

Session type



$5.50 per student


1 hour


Museum at Inveresk