Tycho to the moon

Blast off on an amazing ride with Tycho the dog and his young friends.

Learn about night and day, space travel, phases of the Moon, and features of the lunar surface. Take a close-up look at the Sun, see Tycho play in zero gravity, witness Earth from space, and watch meteors shoot across the night sky.

Every planetarium show includes a discussion session on astronomy and a live presentation showing Tasmania's current night sky.

Suitable for

Prep-Year 3

Curriculum links


Observable changes occur in the sky and landscape (ACSSU019)

2022 Curriculum

Recognise Earth is a planet in the solar system and identify patterns in the changing position of the sun, moon, planets and stars in the sky (AC9S2U01)            

Session type



$6 per child


45 mins


Museum at Inveresk