Science Week for schools


Glass, more than meets the eye.

QVMAG will once again be running a special schools' program for Science Week from 15-19 August 2022.

The program which is designed for primary school students will celebrate the many roles that glass plays in our lives.

The 2022 program will include the following activities:
  • Through the looking glass — Planetarium mini show: Find out how telescopes have given us a window into the universe.
  • Hands on glass:   Students will be challenged by a range of hands-on activities related to glass including exploring prisms, lenses and double glazing.
  • Under the microscope: Use magnifiers and microscopes to examine and learn about fascinating objects from the QVMAG collection.
  • From sand to glass:  Discover how glass is made and blown in this film which has been created with local glass studio — Glass Manifesto
  • Exploring through glass:   Exploring glass through connection to country. Students will create a pendant to take home.

This whole-day experience is only $8 per student.

Booking Information

Science Week for schools 2022 is now booked out.

If you would like to join the email list to be notified for next year's event, please email