Survival on Preservation Island

How did Captain Hamilton and the crew of the Sydney Cove shipwreck survive for months on Preservation Island in Bass Strait in 1797?

Students will use artefacts and consider primary sources to reconstruct the past and understand historical events.  

As part of the workshop, students will be taken on a guided tour of the Sydney Cove exhibition, and consider the experiences of the 17 crew who set out for Port Jackson (Sydney) for help, with only three making it alive.

Suitable for

Year 9

Curriculum links

Experiences of slaves, convicts and free settlers upon departure, their journey abroad, and their reactions on arrival, including the Australian experience (ACDSEH083)

Changes in the way of life of a group(s) of people who moved to Australia in this period, such as free settlers on the frontier in Australia (ACDSEH084)

Identify the origin, purpose and context of primary and secondary sources (ACHHS169 )

Evaluate the reliability and usefulness of primary and secondary sources (ACHHS171)

Session type

Workshop session


$5 per student


1.5 hours


Museum at Inveresk