Murray Fredericks, Salt 112, 2006, Digital pigment print on cotton rag,120 x 150cm
Image: Murray Fredericks, Salt 112 (2006). Digital pigment print on cotton rag,120 x 150cm.


Exclusively and for the first time in Tasmania, QVMAG is proud to showcase the works of multi-award-winning photomedia artist Murray Fredericks.

Witness brings together a selection of defining large-scale images drawn from Fredericks’ personal collection. Works span his acclaimed Salt, Icesheet and Hector series, showcasing the majestic and awe-inspiring environs of Lake Eyre, Greenland and the Tiwi Islands.

Fredericks describes his practice as one being derived from a perspective that views culture as something that cannot be wholly accounted for through social constructs.

‘In the end, what we see are not really places at all. We’re only looking at space. And whatever meaning these so-called places might have is inserted into them by the way the space is handled. Hopefully, the spaces in these images will open up to the viewers another space, a greater space, where they can insert their own meanings into the photographic moment.’

QVMAG is proud to display this artwork during the Ten Days on the Island 2023 festival.

Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk

18 February – 21 May 2023