Visual Arts and Design


QVMAG Visual Arts and Design Department is the proud home of our remarkable and varied collection of Australian and international art and design.

Highlights include colonial paintings by John Glover, Thomas Bock, Henry Mundy, Robert Dowling and W.B. Gould. Other features are our large Bea Maddock archive and collection, as well as a range of ceramics, works on paper and textiles. 

These collections have been built since the Museum's opening in 1891 principally through donations, bequests, and fundraising from individuals and support groups such as the QVMAG Arts Foundation and QVMAG Friends. 

Situated in the original building at Royal Park, our galleries are host to a range of self-curated and travelling exhibitions. 

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The QVMAG Collection Audit has presented an excellent opportunity to reconsider the presentation of spaces at the Art Gallery. 
A selection of the classical works in the former Colonial Gallery are now on display in the Corner Gallery that is still open to visitors.
While our central upper galleries are closed, we will be refurbishing this space in order to better control the environment, keeping our treasured works safe into the future. We hope to reopen the spaces in 2021.

In the meantime we will be showing the QVMAG Summer Season, consisting of four exhibitions across the gallery (Nest by Alastair Mooney, Lost Landscapes by Anne Zahalka, Skin by Gary Greenwood and Herself by Tasmanian female artists of the QVMAG collection). 

Fine Arts

The QVMAG Fine Arts collection includes:

  • Tasmanian Colonial Art: This collection documents the artistic heritage of Tasmania through paintings, works on paper and sculpture.
  • Modern and Contemporary Australian Art: This collection documents the history of Australia's postcolonial art of aesthetic value through paintings, works on paper, sculpture and multi-media.
  • International Art: The Museum has a small but significant collection of international paintings and works on paper.

Decorative Arts and Design

The QVMAG Decorative Arts and Design collection includes:

  • Contemporary Craft and Design: This collection aims to document and promote understanding of the evolution of contemporary craft and design in Australia since 1945 in all media. Particular emphasis is placed on the achievements of Tasmanian practitioners.  
  • Tasmanian Decorative Arts: This collection documents the material cultural heritage of Tasmania with particular reference to ceramics, furniture and woodwork, textiles and costumes with significant aesthetic value.
  • Australian Decorative Arts: This collection documents the evolution of Australian decorative arts particularly through ceramics and textiles with significant aesthetic and cultural value. The collection focuses primarily on objects designed and made in Australia pre 1945.
  • International Decorative Arts: This collection documents in particular the development and evolution of British, European and Asian decorative arts through ceramics, textiles and costumes of significant aesthetic value.