Patches of Light

patches of light

This exhibition is now closed.

Displayed at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery until Sunday 27 October 2019.  

Patches of Light is an ongoing collaboration between Tasmanian mother and daughter artists Peg and Sue Pedley, exploring their ancestral connections to Tasmania. Each artist is represented in patches throughout the exhibition.

Their family is bound to this land through a history of labour, trade and artistic practice across six generations following the colonisation of Tasmania. Sue and Peg have crossed generational boundaries to create site-specific works for QVMAG.

The materials used in these works represent rewards their family has benefited from due to success in shipping and the wool trade. Motifs of fencing and wire suggest the ramifications of conflict with Aboriginal people, and the carving up of Aboriginal land to achieve colonial ambitions.

This exhibition looks at how place can connect people across time, and offers a new way of looking at how our colonial past shapes our modern Tasmanian identity. 

Download the exhibition catalogue online here(PDF, 5MB)

Image: Sue and Peg Pedley, Patches of Light, exhibition installation for 'Daughters Mothers' at Sydney College of the Arts, 2015.