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2018: Hunniford, M, The Midlands: whimsy and pathos(PDF, 12MB)

2019: Casey, A, The strange case of Angela Casey ~ The enquiring light(PDF, 8MB)

2019: Pedley, Peg and Sue, Patches of Light(PDF, 5MB)

2020: Mooney, Alastair, Nest [web](PDF, 3MB), Nest [ipad](PDF, 3MB)

Memoirs/Museum Brochures

Memoirs/Museum Brochures(PDF, 12KB) are available free online via the Biodiversity heritage Library.

Occasional Papers

No. 1 (1989): Davies, JB and Davies, MJ, Plant communities of the Ben Lomond Plateau(PDF, 8MB)Out of print

No. 2 (1990): Davies, JB and Davies, MJ, Plant communities of Mt Barrow and Mt Barrow Falls(PDF, 9MB)Out of print

No. 3 (1991): Plomley, NJB, Tasmanian Aboriginal place names(PDF, 4MB). Out of print

No. 4 (1991): Plomley, NJB, The Westlake Papers: records of interviews in Tasmania by Ernest Westlake, 1908- 1910(PDF, 9MB). Out of print

No. 5 (1992): Plomley, NJB, The Tasmanian tribes, and cicatrices as tribal indicators among the Tasmanian Aborigines(PDF, 9MB). Out of print

No. 6 (1992): Plomley, NJB, The Aboriginal / settler clash in Van Diemen´s Land 1803-1831(PDF, 13MB). Out of print

No. 7 (1997): Green, RH, Antill Ponds and the Half Way House(PDF, 642KB), with floor plan(PDF, 96KB). Out of print

No. 8 (2006): Grove, SJ, Kershaw, RC, Smith, BJ and Turner, E A, Systematic list of the marine molluscs of Tasmania(PDF, 9MB). Out of print


Electronic versions of the Records(PDF, 46KB) of QVMAG are available free online via the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Starting with no. 120 (June 2020), all QVMAG Records are published in electronic format only and made available at no cost. Print copies of all previous Records are still available for purchase via the QVMAG Shop.

No. 120 (Jun. 2020)(PDF, 1MB)

No. 121 (Mar. 2022)(PDF, 8MB)

Research Reports

1982: Morris-Nunn, M and Tassell, CB, Launceston´s industrial heritage: a survey(PDF, 77MB). Out of print

1984: Morris-Nunn, M and Tassell, CB, Tamar Valley industrial heritage: a survey(PDF, 21MB). Out of print

1985: Morris-Nunn, M and R, Twentieth century architecture in Launceston(PDF, 47MB). Out of print

1985: Tassell, CB and Morris-Nunn, M, Tasmanian heritage assessment: a study(PDF, 5MB). Out of print

1985: Vivian, H, Tasmania´s Chinese heritage: an historical record of Chinese sites in north east Tasmania(PDF, 43MB). Out of print

1986: Cassidy, J, Deloraine´s industrial heritage: a survey(PDF, 36MB). Out of print

1986: Morris-Nunn, M, Woolmers: blacksmith shop, woolshed, ciderhouse, pumpinghouse. A study(PDF, 16MB). Out of print

1987: Morris-Nunn, M, Federation builders in Launceston: domestic architecture 1893-1914(PDF, 80MB). Out of print

1988: Tassell, CB, Tasmanian rural cultural landscapes: a study(PDF, 7MB). Out of print

1989: Morris, M, An architecture of the Depression: vertical timber buildings in Launceston(PDF, 17MB). Out of print

1989: Morris-Nunn, M, Rich and chaste: building ornamentation in Victorian Launceston(PDF, 21MB). Out of print

1995: Cassidy, J, The dairy heritage of northern Tasmania: a survey of the butter and cheese industry(PDF, 119MB). Out of print

1999: McConnell, A and Servant, N, The history and heritage of the Tasmanian apple industry: a profile(PDF, 49MB). Out of print

2000: Cassidy, J and Preston, K, Thematic study of the Tasmanian flour milling industry(PDF, 29MB). Out of print

2000: Kingston, T, Distribution and conservation status of Tasmanian native earthworms.(PDF, 7MB) Out of print

2000: Tassell, M, Rural Launceston heritage study(PDF, 35MB). Out of print

Other research reports issued by QVMAG and funded by the National Estate Grants Program (Australia) or the Australian Heritage Commission that will be scanned on demand at no cost:

1987: Cassidy, J, The Tasmanian architectural index [report in print format; index in microfiche format]. Out of print

1995: Mesibov, R, An analysis of locality records for Tasmanian non-marine invertebrates, 1970-94. Out of print

Technical Reports

No. 1992/1: Barker, PA, Flora survey of the proposed Beaconsfield refuse site(PDF, 682KB). Out of print

No. 1992/3: Barker, P, The vegetation of the northern slopes of the Gog Range(PDF, 4MB). Out of print

No. 1992/3: Tassell, CB and Wishart, E, Melaleuca heritage documentation(PDF, 2MB). Out of print

No. 1992/4: Griffith, J, The distribution and status of Engaeus granulatus on Caroline Creek near Dulverton(PDF, 3MB). Out of print

No. 1993/1: Green, RH and Rainbird, JL, Reptiles from the islands of Tasmania(PDF, 530KB). Out of print

No. 1993/3: Chamberlain, B, Wooden rails to Bangor(PDF, 502KB). Out of print

No. 1993/4: Green, R H, The fleas of Tasmania(PDF, 528KB). Out of print

No. 1997/1: Hingston, A and Cameron, M, Plant communities of Mt Arthur, north-east Tasmania(PDF, 8MB). Out of print

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