Tracing a Line

Melissa Smith_Hushing (Day) - Detail (2), 2021, intaglio collagraph and carborundum, 56cm x 76cm (1).jpg

Image: Melissa Smith, Hushing (Day) (detail) 2021.

Melissa Smith’s creative practice has continued to reflect the geography and history of the Tasmanian landscape through an evolving and unique printmaking career.

By being immersed in, and listening to the landscape her observations become reflected in marks made and printed; indelible lines that echo the delicate details of remote, distant and evocative places in Tasmania.

In this intimate solo exhibition, Melissa’s printmaking will immerse you in an understanding of her passion to capture and share her creative responses.

Her work reflects her love of the printmaking process and its ability to depict both the micro and macro of our unique environment.


This exhibition is now closed.

2 September – 12 November 2023

Free entry