Australia in Space

Australia in Space at QVMAG


This exciting exhibition explores the ways that Australian innovations are used in space, and the surprising benefits space technologies bring to everyday life here on Earth.

Visitors to Australia in Space will be excited and engaged by hands-on exhibits exploring Australia’s cutting-edge expertise in space science and technology.

Visitors will discover the unique challenges and opportunities of operating in space, learn how our activities in space impact everyday life, and marvel at Australia’s contributions to the global space industry.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be inspired by the achievements, aspirations and motivations of real Australians in the space sector.

Australia in Space kids playing in the exhibition


Australia in Space is divided into three zones, each exploring a different realm of Australian space operations and expertise;

Lift Off

Discover what Australia is sending to space, and how we do it. Be inspired by cutting-edge Australian aerospace propulsion systems and explore the effects of atmospheric drag on objects as they travel to space and return to Earth. An airport-inspired ‘Earth departures board’ will amaze you with the frequency of rocket launches around the world. Discover iconic satellites around us right now, and design your own spacesuit to explore the surface of the Moon.

In Orbit

Explore the many challenges of operating in orbit, and Australian innovations that take advantage of the opportunities in space. Uncover how living in space impacts the human body, and how space habitats are designed for their occupants. Be surprised by the difficulties that space imposes on even the most mundane tasks, and take a photo as if you were on a space station orbiting above Australia. Mount payloads into a model satellite to uncover Australia’s expertise in small-sat engineering, and marvel at the sheer number of objects in orbit around Earth in an exploration of all the stuff in space.

Earth & Beyond

Learn how Australia’s location and expertise give us a unique advantage in space operations. Use a virtual telescope to ‘link up’ with iconic deep space missions that Australia supports, or discover how satellites allow over-the-horizon communications in a laser-based puzzle game. Be inspired by stories of Australian innovators using space technologies to improve life on Earth, and uncover how Earth observations from space are transforming the ways we live, work and understand our planet. Tackle space junk with a friend in a cooperative computer game based on real Australian technology, and drive a simulated Mars rover to discover how Australia’s remote mining expertise will translate into off-world benefits for the next phase of human spaceflight.


This exhibition is now closed. 

Saturday 17 June – Sunday 15 October 2023

Museum at Inveresk | Free entry

This exhibition tour is proudly sponsored by 7 Tasmania.