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Your gift enables QVMAG to build and care for our collection, develop new exhibitions and undertake vital scientific research. 

Our current appeal supports QVMAG to conserve our nationally significant collection of butterflies.

QVMAG has recently received Australia's fifth-largest private butterfly collection, and through the butterfly appeal you can help to conserve it. 

The Lambkin-Knight collection has around 12,000 butterflies from over 300 species, including extremely rare species and now-extinct species. These specimens were collected over half a century, and from Hobart to the Torres Strait islands. The collection supports biodiversity research, and climate change-related research. 

Your donation will help to conserve this nationally significant collection, and research to protect Australia's butterflies.

Your donation will:

  • support conservation of the collection
  • enable purchasing of 10-drawer metal entomology cabinets for safe storage
  • enable purchasing of specialised cabinets for display
  • help species discovery and conservation by supporting postgraduate students working in the Australian museum sector.

QVMAG thanks you for your support of this important work.

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