22 Tools

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This exhibition is now closed.

Displayed at the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk from 17 November 2017 until 8 January 2018.

In conjunction with the University of Tasmania and French Embassy of AustraliaQVMAG in October 2017 welcomed artist Perrine Lacroix from Lyon, France to our Residency Program based at Kings Bridge Cottage.

The five week residency will culminate in the artist presenting an installation of her work to the public based on the theme of art, creativity and urban transformation.

This project looks at our relationship to tools. Usually, art works are ‘made’ with tools but here the ‘subject’ are tools themselves.

22 Tools Program: an exhibition guide(PDF, 2MB)

Artist biography

Perrine Lacroix graduated from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1992. Her multidisciplinary practice spans more than 20 years, with work predominately in installation, video and photography. She has a particular interest in architecture and construction, and explores the relationships between exterior and interior, completed and unfinished, empty and full—for example, the photographic work 
Castles in Spain(2004) concerned unfinished concrete buildings. 

From the scale model to the interactive installation, Perrine’s work blurs the lines of traditional perception of architecture and references philosopher Michel Foucault’s concept of  ‘heterotopia’. Subsequently, a common theme in her work is the spaces in the margins and the stories they contain (blockhouses, prisons, squats, cabins, etc.) She is also has a particular sensitivity to singular figures. For example, her hypnotic video Winfried (2013) concerns the tragic fate of Winfried Freudenberg, who attempted to cross the Berlin Wall in a balloon made of polyethylene in March 1989. Similarly, in the series of drawings BA 27/04 / 42-31 / 05/43 (2015), Perrine pays homage to the feminist and activist Berty Albrecht, who was a French Resistance fighter. 

Perrine has exhibited in France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Algeria, Belgium and Australia. She has also undertaken numerous public commissions, and since 2004 has been the Director of the Contemporary Art Space, La BF15, in Lyon, France.

Visit Perrine Lacroix's website for more information.