Travellers' Cloaks

This exhibition is now closed. Display at the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk from 10 July – 19 September 2021.

In this community exhibition we celebrate the common threads of our Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild communities throughout Tasmania.

The Handweavers, Spinners and Dyers Guild of Tasmania will celebrate its golden anniversary in 2021. To mark the 50th year the 350 members that make-up the 20-statewide groups were asked to collaborate in the production of a travelling cloak using their diverse skills to incorporate all creative modes of their crafts. 

For each collaboration, from inception to completion, there have been many twists and turns. These cloaks have been created out of shared vision, knowledge and skills.

The makers use a common language to describe fibre and texture, yarn and cloth making, dyeing and colour, pattern, design and form and function.

Included in the show will be the Bicentennial Tapestry donated in 1989 after being presented to the City of Launceston.