Lisa Garland: Inner Sanctums

Mathew 2022, Lisa Garland. © the artist.

Image credit line: Mathew 2022, Lisa Garland. © the artist.

Lisa Garland’s photography practice allows the viewer access into the honest and intimate inner worlds of a unique and eccentric community of characters.

In her large format black and white images you see the arresting gaze of the subject merge with the varied collections of material artefacts that define their existence and concept of home.

Inner Sanctums marks the first survey of Garland's work at QVMAG and will display works from the past twenty years of her rich portraiture practice.

This exhibition will invite you to spend time with the evocative and powerful character studies of an artist who masterfully captures the beguiling and honest inner sanctums of Tasmanians.

This exhibition is now closed. 

Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park

4 February – 14 May 2023


QVMAG is proud to display this artwork during the Ten Days on the Island 2023 festival.

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