Make a collection offer

Thank you for considering making an offer to QVMAG's collection. Your generosity enables the museum's collection to grow and develop. 

We're always interested in finding new objects, telling untold stories and representing our place and community. The collection aims to reflect the key themes of Our Country, Our People, and Our Stories.

The Museum collects objects, artworks, archives and specimens that will inform and educate people today and in the future.

How do I offer an object or artwork to the Museum? 

  1. Before making an offer, please read our FAQ, below.
  2. Complete the online form at the bottom of this page (make sure you include detailed photographs of the object(s).
  3. You will receive an acknowledgement from us. We endeavour to do this within 14 days, and may contact you for more information.
  4. All donation offers are placed in a queue to be assessed by The Museum Acquisition Committee. It can take several months before a decision is made and there is no guarantee that QVMAG will accept items that are offered up for donation.

If you have any questions about the process you can contact us for more information. 

Please do not bring in any objects to the museum unless requested. We will not be able to accept them.


How does the Museum decide what to collect?

Unfortunately it isn't possible to accept every object that is offered, so we use a range of criteria to decide what to permenantly accession to our collections. Key to this decision is an item's provenance - knowledge of where it came from, was found, who made or used it and who has owned it over the years. 

We consider whether an object:

  • Relates to themes, issues or people of state and/or national significance.
  • Assists in understanding and interpreting Tasmanian and/or Australian history and culture.
  • Is a particularly good example of its type or not well-represented in other museum collections.
  • Is in a suitable condition for long-term storage or display.
  • Is well provenanced, with good information about its history and owners.

I’m cleaning out my shed and found some old things the Museum might like. Are you interested?

We receive many generous offers and have strict guidelines for acquiring objects. We’re most interested in the stories associated with objects – connections to places, people and defining moments in our history. Please contact us if your object tells a strong story.

Can I send in or bring my object into the Museum?

No. Please do not send or bring objects to the Museum. If we are considering an offer and need to see an object, a curator will be in touch.

Can the Museum provide valuations?

No. We do not provide valuations or authentications. The Australian Government’s Ministry for the Arts maintains a list of approved valuers for its Cultural Gifts Program. You could also consult the Auctioneers and Valuers Association of Australia