Butterfly Brilliance

This exhibition is now closed.
Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park
23 October – 21 November 2021

Australia’s fifth-largest butterfly collection has landed at the Art Gallery at Royal Park.

You're invited to explore the collection through Butterfly Brilliance; a four-week pop-up exhibition with a new showcase of specimens from the collection rotating weekly.

New specimens from the collection will rotate throughout the exhibition each Monday. 

Through 50 years of research, butterfly researchers Trevor Lambkin and Ian Knight have built an extensive collection of more than 12,000 butterflies from across Australia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. 

In 2020 Ian Knight and Trevor Lambkin graciously donated this private butterfly collection to QVMAG.

Butterfly Brilliance fundraising appeal
This pop-up exhibition will fundraise for new entomology cases to preserve the collection for future generations of researchers, and support vital butterfly research across Tasmania.