Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk 2023

Image: The Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk (2 Invermay Road, Launceston). One of two sites for the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. 


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2023 Media Releases

15 December 2023

ArtRage set to showcase top Tassie student talent

12 December 2023

New exhibition explores the imaginary worlds of primary school artists

1 December 2023

New exhibition explores wonders of the plant world

29 November 2023

Rock icons celebrated with new full-dome experience

17 November 2023

New exhibition set to turn lights on in Launceston

14 November 2023

Flutter of excitement as butterflies land at QVMAG

27 October 2023

Quirks of nature explored at QVMAG

26 October 2023

Hit HJ King exhibition cruises to a close

13 October 2023

Miniature Worlds on display at QVMAG

11 October 2023

Final days of blockbuster exhibition, Australia in Space

27 September 2023

The deliciously realistic art of Katie Barron

22 September 2023

Celebrating the legacy of Olegas Truchanas

22 September 2023

The art of print-making with Melissa Smith

15 September 2023

QVMAG dives into Wetlands

1 August 2023

Curators to explore art, history and science

26 July 2023

New spider species a nod to legacy

11 July 2023

The art of contemporary jewellery making

30 June 2023

Asteroid day leaves an impact

21 June 2023

Emerging artists on display at QVMAG

16 June 2023

Pride month celebrated at QVMAG

16 June 2023

QVMAG Set for lift-off

16 June 2023

Art workshops for Pride month at QVMAG

9 June 2023

Possum skim storytelling

9 June 2023

Stunning wildlife snaps on display 

30 May 2023

A Bright New Day: student documentary launches at QVMAG

26 May 2023

Exploring the world one sketch at a time

24 May 2023

Learning the art of life drawing with Tasmanian artist Penny Mason

24 May 2023

Voice and Visibility at QVMAG

10 May 2023

Partners in life and art: the journey of Penny Mason and David Marsden

2 May 2023

Out of this world celebrations at QVMAG

28 April 2023

Waving goodbye to a phenomenal family exhibition

29 March 2023

Niche Market welcomes bursting line-up of Tasmanian creatives to QVMAG

24 March 2023

QVMAG Arts Foundation awards student 2022 ArtRage medallion

21 March 2023

Student photography debut at QVMAG

7 March 2023

Lisa Reihana works on show at QVMAG

1 March 2023

Summer/Autumn line-up at QVMAG

28 February 2023

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023

20 February 2023

The stories and faces from 85 years' of St Giles

17 February 2023

Portrait photography offers look into inner sanctums of Tasmanians

15 February 2023

10 new species of Australian ground beetle identified in QVMAG collection

14 February 2023

Witness in focus at QVMAG

3 February 2023

Live woodcarving on display this weekend at QVMAG

1 February 2023

Astrophotography shares wonders of night sky in new exhibition

24 January 2023

Hopping into the 2023 Lunar New Year at QVMAG

23 January 2023

University of Rio de Janeiro researchers explore Tasmanian spiders


2022 Media Releases

21 December 2022

Final weeks of Archie 100 in Tasmania

16 December 2022 

Visitor favourite ArtRage returns

14 December

ArtStart showcases youth talent

13 December

Niche moves to Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery 

2 December 2022

The first aerial survey of Launceston

25 November 2022

Exploring the mystery of Jimmy Possum

11 November 2022

Archie 100 exhibition welcomes nearly 3,000 visitors in first two weeks

21 October 2022

Exploring the faces of a nation through 100 years of the Archibald Prize

13 October 2022

Migrant communities uniting through art for breast cancer awareness

30 September 2022

Encouraging a conversation about mental health through art

28 September 2022

QVMAG uploads 104,916 zoology records to global database

9 September 2022

Exploring Tasmania's deep past through music and art

26 August 2022

QVMAG opens throttle on adventurous new exhibition

12 August 2022

QVMAG's Big Day of Science tipped to be smashing fun

3 August 2022

QVMAG's Curators in the Pub series to sort gems from junk

2 August 2022

Watercolour masterclass series launched at QVMAG

29 July 2022

ArtStart exhibition explores 2022 NAIDOC Week theme

6 July 2022

Original art and live music to collide at QVMAG

1 July 2022

Sharing the knowledge of Māori astronomy, science and culture

30 June 2022

Council endorses a new direction for QVMAG

22 June 2022

Unveiling of new works by female artists celebrated at QVMAG

20 May 2022

Women's art prize celebrates 20th year at QVMAG

27 April 2022

QVMAG seeks feedback to shape future exhibitions

22 April 2022

Military collection a 'solid link' to the Anzacs

8 April 2022

QVMAG delves into Launceston's proud pottery past

11 March 2022

QVMAG offers sneak peek at Grounded: Place is Space

5 March 2022

Celebrating everyday female leaders at QVMAG

2 March 2022

Amorous arachnids caught on tape

11 February 2022

QVMAG dips into wide world of wooden spoons

10 February 2022

Rare chance to see beneath panels of Planetarium projector

2 February 2022

Mysterious moths under spotlight at QVMAG

21 January 2022

Sword with mysterious past under microscope at QVMAG

2019 Media Releases

12 December 2019
ArtRage 2019

21 November 2019
Tom Roberts at QVMAG 

13 November 2019
Art Start

6 November 2019
QVMAG Collection Audit Underway

1 November 2019
QVMAG international collab

21 October 2019
Snake Season 2019 

4 October 2019
Minds Do Matter 2019 

13 February 2019
Art Gallery exhibition closes early 

10 January 2019
Launceston Readies for Mona Foma 2019


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