Beer cans and dim sims: the art of Alastair Mooney

Alastair Mooney, Malurus Boonies, 2020, Huon Pine, Tasmanian Blackwood.

Image: Alastair Mooney, Malurus Boonies, 2020, Huon Pine, Tasmanian Blackwood. Image: courtesy of the artist. 

Northern Tasmanian's are set to enjoy a free floor talk this weekend with popular Launceston woodcarving artist Alastair Mooney.

Known and celebrated for his meticulous wood carving creations spanning beer cans, dim sims and species of wildlife, Mooney is set to take visitors behind the scenes of his creative process, while in conversation about his journey as an artist in Tasmania, with a free community talk this Saturday at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park (2 Wellington Street).

With works showcasing a playful representation of contemporary culture, Mooney is a popular emerging artist in Tasmania with works currently on display within the QVMAG exhibition Making Space at the Art Gallery.

Artist Alastair Mooney said it will be great to share this glimpse into his artwork with local enthusiasts this weekend.

"I'm looking forward to discussing my personal practice, influences and motivations; in particular my journey and development as a sculptor," Mooney said.

"My pieces featured in the exhibition Making Space, although from two separate bodies of work, share common themes.

"Aside from the immediately apparent use of the same materials and methods, they carry a lighthearted critique of contemporary culture; an anthropological study carved in ancient timber.

"I find it strangely poetic spending many hours carving the motif of a beer can, discarded in minutes, out of timber which took many hundreds of years to grow."

Visitors can join this free floor talk with Alastair Mooney at the Art Galley this Saturday (10 February 2024) from 2pm to 3pm.

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Issued 9 February 2024.