Our Chinese Treasures

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This exhibition is now closed.

Displayed at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery, Royal Park from 17 February.

The objects in this gallery are a gift to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery from Professor Wong Shiu Hon and Mrs Nancy Wong. The collection includes Chinese ceramics, glass and wooden antiquities. These works are from the private collection of the donors, acquired over the past 40 years or more. Their collection has been developed to represent a history of the development of Chinese culture from the earliest Neolithic pottery to outstanding works from the earlier 20th century. 

An object of particular significance is a beautifully preserved Painted Pottery Horse, dated to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE).  

Professor Wong is an acclaimed artist, and was formerly Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Hong Kong and a lecturer at Murdoch University in Western Australia. He and Mrs Nancy Wong, previously Associate Librarian of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Library, now live in Hobart.

Having previously donated a major collection of Chinese objects and antiquities to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Professor and Mrs Wong looked to provide a similar opportunity for audiences visiting QVMAG to engage with Chinese works of art. Through their generous donation this can now be achieved.

These objects relate to a number of areas of QVMAG’s collections, in particular the international ceramics collection and importantly, to the Guan Di Temple. This donation adds significantly to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery’s holdings of Chinese antiquities and extends our understanding of Chinese culture.