Rock icons celebrated with new full-dome experience

Dark Side of the Moon planetarium experience at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston Tasmania. Photo supplied

Image: supplied.

This weekend will welcome a rocking-hot new and exclusive Planetarium experience to the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk in celebration of Pink Floyd.   

Celebrating 50 years since the bands iconic album launch, Dark Side of the Moon is set to immerse planetarium-goers with a full-dome musical extravaganza as they sit back and soak in this iconic soundtrack.   

With a run-time of 45 minutes, this show will take visitors on an incredible visual journey through the solar system and beyond.  

On display as part of a global Planetarium show release, Dark Side of the Moon will be proudly and exclusively on display in Tasmania at the Museum at Inveresk for music lovers state-wide.  

"This isn't just another brick in the wall as we welcome this Pink Floyd experience to Launceston. QVMAG is the exclusive Tasmanian venue for this show, which is beyond exciting," Mayor Garwood said.  

"To know that this show is screening in select planetariums across the globe, and now here in Tasmania, is a win for our entire state. 

"How I wish you were here, because whether you're a Pink Floyd fan, have a love for music, or a local at the Launceston Planetarium; this is something truly not to be missed."

Creative Arts and Cultural Services General Manager Shane Fitzgerald said the show would be an outstanding experience for locals and tourists across Tasmania.   

"To welcome this show to Launceston and Tasmania is an incredible offering for locals and visitors exploring our island," Fitzgerald said.   

"Due to an exclusive range of venues hosting this show in Australia, many of which have sold out bookings weeks in advance, we anticipate we'll be welcoming Pink Floyd fans from other states to this experience the show over the holiday period.   

"I'd encourage everyone to make the most of this show while it's on display; as once it closes, it won't be on display globally again."  

QVMAG Launceston Planetarium Officer Chris Arkless said this experience would be available for a limited time only.  

"Pink Floyd have been one of my favourite bands since my high school days. It is a great pleasure to now be able to present Dark Side of the Moon in the Launceston Planetarium," Arkless said.   

"This is particularly appropriate because the album was originally launched in the London Planetarium in 1973.  

"To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this event, the entire music album has been paired to stunning new visuals to create a great planetarium experience.  

"Thanks to the recent upgrade of our projection and audio systems, the Launceston Planetarium has been selected as one of the hundred or so in the world to be able to screen this memorable event for a limited time only."  

Screenings of the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon planetarium experience will begin Saturday 2 December 2023 at the Launceston Planetarium, located within the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk (2 Invermay Road, Launceston). Tickets available via the QVMAG website, 

Issued 29 November 2023.