New 3D collection takes users behind-the-scenes like never before

A new online database showcasing objects from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery collection in 3D will provide access to the institutions collection like never before.  

Launching this week on the QVMAG website, the 3D collections database offers a range of objects in stunning 360-degree clarity, alongside information sharing insight about each listing.  

Designed to connect the institutions collection like never before with researchers, both locally and globally, schools and community, the current 3D catalogue explores 50+ objects spanning the Guan Di Temple, scrimshaws, Tasmanian bird nests and more. 

Notably, the online 3D collection includes a range of objects and their history in celebration of Lunar New Year 2024.  

City of Launceston Mayor Matthew Garwood said the online 3D collection was an incredible way to access many objects from the QVMAG collection that people might otherwise not have the chance to see.  

“As you can imagine, it would be impossible to fully showcase the incredible collection here at QVMAG as it spans over 1.5 million objects. So, this new online collection is a great way for both locals and researchers to access information, and incredible visuals, about a range of different objects,” Mayor Garwood said.  

“Whether you’re a local interested in history, art and science or you’re an educator looking to make the most of these resources in the classroom; there’s so many ways to enjoy this fantastic new collection.” 

General Manager Creative Arts and Cultural Services Shane Fitzgerald said the 3D collection was the culmination of months of dedicated work by the institution to offer a new level of access to the QVMAG collection.  

“We receive hundreds of requests annually from researchers across the globe about our vast collection, so to create a free 3D online collection offering for our both community and industry is a fantastic achievement,” Fitzgerald said.  

“We’ve launched with over 50 objects being made available online in 3D and plan to release many new additions to this collections database each month. 

“As a resource for schools, industry and community, this online database is an outstanding way to connect with and learn about Australia's largest regional museum collection, right here at QVMAG.” 

The new QVMAG 3D collection can be found via

Issued 12 February 2024.