Unveiling of new works by female artists celebrated at QVMAG


Image: Herself! exhibition at the Art Gallery at Royal Park. 

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery have unveiled a new selection of works by female artists from within the collection as part of the Herself! exhibition. 

First launching in December 2020, Herself! is a continuing showcase of works by female artists from within the QVMAG collection.

Over 50 new works from the collection are now on display, including ceramics, paintings, drawings, basketry, watercolour, jewellery and glass wares.

This exhibition celebrates the range and richness of art by women in QVMAG's collection while participating in a global conversation about the diversity of artists represented in museums more broadly.  

QVMAG Senior Curator of Visual Art and Design Ashley Bird said the Herself! exhibition is an incredible opportunity to share the stories of female artists from within the QVMAG collection through this evolving exhibition.  

'Herself! showcases a brilliant display of talented female artists on a local, national and global scale from within the QVMAG collection,' Bird said.  

'Exhibitions such as Herself! form part of a much larger conversation of diversity being represented in museums.

'We're excited to share this new changeover of more than 50 works from female artists within the collection as part of this evolving exhibition.  

'Visitors can expect to see familiar favourites including Bea Maddock and Lola Greeno, alongside hidden gems within the collection from Dorothy Stoner, Penny Smith and Katy Woodroffe.' 

Herself! is on display at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park (2 Wellington Street, Launceston). 


Issued Wednesday 22 June 2022.