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Strategic Plan 2018-2022
Our world, our stories, our ways: QVMAG is a place where our community explores, connects and is inspired. We are northern Tasmania's authority on art, biodiversity and history. 
Read the Strategic Plan here(PDF, 10MB)

Annual Report

The QVMAG Annual Report details our performance and achievements.

Read the 2017-2018 QVMAG Annual Report here.(PDF, 3MB) 
Read the 2016-2017 QVMAG Annual Report here(PDF, 1MB)
Read the 2015-2016 QVMAG Annual Report here(PDF, 1MB)

Collections(PDF, 60KB)
Research Committee(PDF, 23KB)
Friends(PDF, 21KB)  
Firearms(PDF, 23KB)
Human Remains(PDF, 27KB)

Governance Charter
The Museum Governance Advisory Board (MGAB) works with the City of Launceston and community to advance the aims of QVMAG.  
Read the MGAB Charter here(PDF, 51KB)