Social media community guidelines

At QVMAG we celebrate our people, our culture and our stories. We use our social media channels to connect with our community, encourage conversation and contributions, and share our collection. It’s important we provide a safe space for this engagement.

These guidelines cover participation across our platforms, including on our website and our social media channels.

We’d love to see you sharing:

  • Your thoughts, ideas and questions about our history, natural science, visual art and design collections.
  • Your experiences of the museum, exhibitions, events and our collection – what you loved or what we could improve, we'd love to hear from you.
  • Photos and videos of the building, the museum and the fun things you did on your visit.

What we won’t tolerate online:

  • hate speech, threats, or language that intimidates, discriminates or demeans another person, religion, race, cultural, ethnic group, gender, or ability
  • explicit language and images
  • personal attacks, trolling or abuse
  • content that is abusive, obscene, discriminatory, disrespectful, inflammatory, offensive, or spam
  • content that is defamatory, breaches copyright, confidentiality and/or moral rights laws
  • private information about yourself or anyone else unless it's been requested as part of a program
  • allegations or accusations
  • attempts to sell or promote products, services or events.

If we see these kinds of posts on our platforms, we will:

  • hide or delete the post
  • report the post in accordance with platform rules
  • block user profiles if the negative posts continue.

These guidelines cover participation on all QVMAG online platforms, including:

We strive for accuracy and consistency, however we are human and occasionally make mistakes. Kindly let us know if we’ve got something wrong — we’ll work quickly to check our facts and correct any errors.

Please be aware that QVMAG's social media channels may include or use names, images and voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We monitor our sites between business hours Monday to Friday. If you have any questions about guidelines for online participation, send us a private message through Facebook or Instagram or an email at