HJ King Cameras and Carburettors: Then and Now

Students will examine the photographic works of HJ King in the exhibition HJ King: Cameras and Carburettors with a discussion around the challenges he faced and how the medium of photography has changed over time.

Optional extras available between 18 February to 21 May 2023:

  • Witness: Students can visit the Murray Fredericks exhibition 'Witness' for a comparison of the works, how photography as an art medium has changed since HJ King's time, and the challenges Fredericks faces working in contemporary times.

  • Nothing on Earth: Students can watch the free documentary 'Nothing On Earth' by Murray Fredericks (55 minutes) in the Nuala O'Flaherty Auditorium at the Museum at Inveresk. Join Fredericks as he takes his photography project to the Greenland ice cap, "What begins as an artistic odyssey, becomes an adventure of extremes in one of the most breathtaking environments on earth." Please note: this documentary is rated MA 15+ and contains adult themes and nudity. This free documentary runs on loop throughout the day with variable start times. 

Year 8 to 10

Investigate the ways that artists across cultures, times, places and/or other contexts develop personal expression in their visual arts practice to represent, communicate and/or challenge ideas, perspectives and/or meaning (AC9AVA8E01; AC9AVA10E01).

 Senior Secondary Courses

Visual Art Level 2 and 3; Art Practice Level 2; Art Studio Practice Level 3; Art Theory and Criticism Level 3