Natural Selection

Natural Selection is an exciting 40-minute planetarium show that is a departure from mainstream astronomy programmes.

The show examines Charles Darwin's famous theory of evolution by natural selection, often called the greatest scientific theory of all time.

It was inspired by his 1831-36 global voyage of exploration, and explained the diversity of species as well as the 'branching pattern' of evolution from common ancestors.

Natural Selection was produced by Mirage 3D in the Netherlands. As part of every show, the Planetarium's Zeiss projector is used to explain the sights of Tasmania's night sky.

Suitable for

Years 5 to 10

Curriculum links

2022 Curriculum   

  • AC9S5U01

  • AC9S6U01

  • AC9S10U02

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$6 per student


45 mins


Museum at Inveresk