Sydney Cove exhibition - Guided Tour

Explore our Sydney Cove exhibition on a guided tour.

Discover the reasons for the voyage and the experiences of the crew, both Europeans and the Lascars (Indian Seamen).

Learn how historians and archaeologists have pieced together the story of the Sydney Cove using the artefacts on show.

Suitable for

Year 9

Curriculum links


  • Experiences of slaves, convicts and free settlers upon departure, their journey abroad, and their reactions on arrival, including the Australian experience (ACDSEH083)

  • Changes in the way of life of a group(s) of people who moved to Australia in this period, such as free settlers on the frontier in Australia (ACDSEH084)

  • Identify the origin, purpose and context of primary and secondary sources (ACHHS169)

2022 Curriculum

Year 9 History:

  • Explain the usefulness of primary and secondary sources, and the reliability of the information as evidence (AC9HH9S04)

  • The causes and effects of European imperial expansion and the movement of peoples in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and the different responses to colonisation and migration (AC9HH9K01)

  • Significant events, ideas, people, groups and movements in the development of Australian society (AC9HHK04)

Session type

Guided tour


$4 per student


45 minutes


Museum at Inveresk