Partners in life and art: the journey of Penny Mason and David Marsden

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Saturday 6 of May welcomed the unveiling of the latest exhibition at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery.

Mason | Marsden welcomes a showcase of work by Tasmanian artists, partners and educators Penny Mason and David Marsden.

"To see works on the wall from several decades of activity is a rare experience. It's a bit like looking through the family photo album," Marsden said.

"Each work brings with it memories of the place where they were made, and sometimes even the course of the making such as the little private mistakes and serendipitous moments that bring a piece together.

"For it all to be presented together with the work made around the same time as that made by my partner Penny Mason, makes the whole experience even more album like and great fun."

Penny and David have been highly influential in the Tasmanian arts landscape for more than three decades and have inspired countless students through arts education, with their individual practice continuing to evolve, remaining as relevant today as it was when they first met at arts school.

"Viewers will be able to discern several distinct phases in my approach to thinking about and observing landscape," Mason said.

"My earlier work is characterised by layering and erasure. The middle phase is quite meditative, reflecting my interest in marking the passage of time and how language shapes what I see and what I overlook, and my recent work draws parallels between how elements such as temperature and vibration, that I employ to create my watercolour paintings, also shape the contours and details of the physical world."

City of Launceston Mayor Danny Gibson said the exhibition was a remarkable and in-depth display, spanning decades of artistic practice.

"This exhibition is a brilliant way for locals to learn about the practice of artists and educator Penny and David," Cr Gibson said.

"To share a window into their decades-long practice is a wonderful experience for locals, tourists and our arts community across Tasmania."

General Manager Creative Arts and Cultural Services Shane Fitzgerald said the exhibition was a fantastic display of practice, knowledge and life experience.

"We knew this exhibition would be a popular showcase for our local arts community, however the amount positive feedback we've received to-date has far exceeded our expectations," Fitzgerald said.

"This shows us that our community and visitors value the opportunity to learn about the lives of artists on display and their artistic journey.

"This is a great exhibition to start our Winter/Spring line up at QVMAG and we've got lots more in store for locals and tourists in the months ahead."

Mason | Marsden is now on display at the Queen Victoria Art Gallery at Royal Park with free entry until 16 July 2023.

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Issued 10 May 2023.