Summer of Sci-Fi to blast off at QVMAG

Media release ⁠–⁠ Friday 23 October 2020

It’s time to dust off your favourite sci-fi costume and get ready for a summer of thrilling adventure like you've never experienced before.

The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery presents the Summer of Sci-Fi — your ticket to a science fiction experience at the Museum at Inveresk from November to January.

We’re talking weekly free sci-fi film screenings on Sundays at 1pm covering the top cult-classic scifi films from Hollywood to date — starting on November 8.

Think time travel, parallel universes, space missions gone wrong and incredible research discoveries — our sci-fi film fest covers it all.

To celebrate the launch of the Summer of Sci-Fi at QVMAG, we're kick starting our sci-fi film-fest by heading back in time to the 1800's with the cult-classic Time After Time.

As one of the oldest films in our Summer of Sci-Fi line up, 1979's Time After Time is regarded by many as a cult classic, featuring a plotline involving author H.G. Wells, a time machine, and infamous London serial killer Jack the Ripper.

December will feature the box office smash hit, The Martian, followed in January by Christopher Nolan's space epic Interstellar.

At the first screening of every month, movie goers will be treated to an exclusive introduction by QVMAG resident astronomers Dr Martin George and Chris Arkless, as they explore the science behind the plotlines.

The Summer of Sci-Fi program will also include live space talks with astronomers and family activities, with the event culminating with a sci-fi themed cosplay day early next year, filled with competitions, costume workshops, sci-fi craft sessions and more.

Tracy Puklowski, General Manager of Creative Arts and Cultural Services at the City of Launceston, said the Summer of Sci-Fi would have something for people of all ages.

"When it comes to life on other planets, time travel, and the far corners of the universe, there are a lot of fascinating conversations to be had," Ms Puklowski said.

"This event is going to be a fabulous way to spark some of those discussions at QVMAG and to allow our imaginations to run wild.

"Our team have had a blast pulling together a fun line-up of sci-fi based events and we think it will be a great way to round out the year at QVMAG."