Unlocking the secrets of our oceans with Science Week

 Media release – Issued Monday 17 August 2020

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a modern-day Jacques Cousteau, or following in the footsteps of Hollywood director James Cameron, surveying the depths of the ocean floor?

If so, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery can help you realise that dream through its amazing Science Week 2020 range of activities.

This year you can explore the ocean floor and the fascinating creatures that live beneath the surface, learn about the impacts of human life on the future of our seas, as well as the sustainability our oceans for generations to come.

Science Week 2020 will be a little bit different from previous years as we go virtual for this year's event.

You can enjoy a range of online workshops and activities as we uncover the topic for Science Week 2020 – The Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans.

You can also study the sights of the night sky and some of the latest astronomical news from the Museum's resident astro-expert, Dr Martin George.

City of Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions meant that Museum staff had to take an entirely new approach to delivering Science Week activities to its traditional audience.

"Science Week has always been about bringing people, young and old, through the doors of the Museum where they could have a unique, hands-on experience while learning about all the incredible scientific topics that amaze and fascinate us all," Mayor van Zetten said.

"This year, our staff needed to rethink how we deliver that same inspiring event - and they have delivered what can only be described as a fantastic array of activities using our online platforms."

Creative Arts and Cultural Services General Manager Tracy Pukowski encouraged everyone to visit the Science Week website and be involved in what will be another stimulating range of activities.

"Our oceans connect all countries on Earth and offer rich insights into how our planet is able to sustain all forms of life. Innovations of the Deep Blue sea can cover a wide range of topics linking back to the sustainability of our oceans," Ms Puklowski said.

"This includes how life sustains itself below sea level, the role we as humans play through our waste management practices, the influence of outer space on tide cycles, the impact of industries operating in our oceans and so much more.

"Thanks to a range guest speakers during Science Week 2020 at QVMAG, we're going to dive deep into discussions about the future of our oceans, and ask the question: How can we best sustain our oceans for generations ahead through innovative practices?"

Science Week at QVMAG runs through until Friday.

For more information on all the activities available this year, check out the website, www.qvmag.tas.gov.au/Learn/Science-Week-2020