Marjorie Bligh: Domestic Goddess

Marjorie Bligh Domestic Goddess Web Icon 2019.jpg

On display at the Queen Victoria Museum from 13 April 2019 until 29 March 2020.   

Marjorie Bligh is a Tasmanian icon, well-known for her advice on household management, craft, cooking, gardening, and even relationships. Through 96 years, she made a lasting impact on generations of Tasmanians, and even had an effect on Barry Humphries' famous housewife Dame Edna Everage. Marjorie Bligh: Domestic Goddess looks at Marjorie's life, from her early years in Ross and home-making in Campbell Town, to her later celebrity in Devonport.

The exhibition showcases many of Marjorie's handmade items, collections, mementos from travel, scrapbooks, personal photographs, signed editions of her books, and numerous awards. In particular the exhibition focusses on her thrift and use of recycled material. It features a reproduction of her guest bedroom and a craft space, so you too can recycle materials like Marjorie. If you were already familiar with Marjorie Bligh, prepare for a trip down memory lane. If you have not encountered her work, get ready for a surprise!

The exhibition themes are:

  • Who was Marjorie?
  • Matrimony
  • In the Community
  • Home Maker
  • Hand Crafts
  • Recycler
  • Author
  • Collector
  • 'Gallivanting'
  • Remembering Marjorie