This Vanishing World: Photography of Olegas Truchanas

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This is the story of a man who loved Tasmania and its wild places. 

For twenty years, Olegas Truchanas explored Tasmania's wild places, pushing his body and practice to the limit.

Born in 1923, Olegas grew up in Lithuania, a country invaded three times by two different nations. In January 1949, he finally journeyed to Australia, and after a month at a displaced persons camp in Victoria, moved to Tasmania in May of the same year. 

Motivated by a love of nature and natural beauty, Olegas Truchanas' legacy is a story told in images.

Through the lens of his camera, This Vanishing World shares the journey of Olegas Truchanas and his campaign for Tasmanians to have greater awareness of their incredible home state—alongside the major influence he left on the wilderness photographers who followed him.

Museum at Inveresk

13 July 2024 — 16 February 2025

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