Science on the Move


Image: Science on the Move exhibition. Photo: Questacon.

Discover the science of how things move. From light and sound, to force and motion, to electricity and magnetism, and so much more!

Enjoy, discover and explore principles of light, music and sound, human biology and health, force and motion, ecology and the environment, and electricity and magnetism.

Science on the Move’s intriguing exhibit investigations will engage your mind and body. Turn yourself into a battery, crank up a tornado in a bottle, escape from handcuffs, predict the outcome of chaos, build a food chain and much, much more.


Image: Science on the Move exhibition. Photo: Questacon.


Museum at Inveresk, 2 Invermay Road

2 June 2024 to 16 March 2025

FREE entry

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What age is best for this exhibition?

While ages 8 to 12 will mostly enjoy the educational aspect of this exhibition, Science on the Move is fun for all ages with many hands on stations throughout for interactive play. 

Visitors will also enjoy the Fascinating Science exhibition, on display at the same time as Science on the Move, within the STEAM Gallery at the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk. 

Both exhibitions have free entry. 

Is there a cost to enjoy this exhibition?

No, this exhibition is free entry at the Museum at Inveresk. 

Can I book a school tour?

QVMAG offers a range of experiences for schools to enjoy across northern Tasmania. To explore what's on offer, please contact our Bookings Team via