Artist feature: Carley Peters

Carley - Grounded Place is Space Artist

Image: Northern Tasmanian artist Carley Peters with their work titled Finding my place 

'My key area of interest is the human relationship with the organic environment. How we interact with the world around us and how the world impacts on us,' Carley said. 

'It's a mixed media work, a collage, organic materials such as paper are really important to me as well.

'It's something I sort of stumbled in to as I was doing my PHD at Arts School and again the organic nature of the work and what it's talking about.

How has it felt to be featured within Grounded: Place is Space?

'I think it's fantastic to be featured as an artist within this exhibition.

'The inclusive nature of the work and it's wonderful that it invites people to take part in it, to stop and think about the world as something bigger than their own world. We can all interact with each other, and learn from each other and be open.

What advice would you share with emerging artists?

'My advice to emerging artists is to just keep going. Keep doing, keep making and keep exploring.'