Tao Sublime

This exhibition is now closed. 

4 December 2021 – 6 November 2022

Tao Sublime is the latest temporary exhibition to feature at the Art Gallery at Royal Park, bringing together the vast knowledge of painting practice from internationally renowned Tasmanian artist Tony Smibert.

Inspired by the skill of 19th-century English watercolourist JMW Turner, and eastern painting traditions, Tao Sublime creates a compelling journey of abstract landscapes through works featured within this exhibition.


Moonrise. Image: Tony Smibert. 

Built from refined skill and dedication to landscape painting spanning a career of 40-years, Tao Sublime showcases a collection of emotive and striking works by Smibert; many of which will be revealed to the public for the first time.

Tony Smibert working within his studio.JPG

Tasmanian artist, Tony Smibert in his studio. Image: QVMAG.

Smibert is recognised as a leading Australian watercolourist and has been long inspired by the philosophy of Sublime. 

Developed in the 18th-century by Edmund Burke, the philosophy of Sublime relates to experiencing an overwhelming sense of the power of nature.

Smibert represents this philosophy through his awe-inspiring acrylic depictions of abstract landscapes as featured in Tao Sublime.


Accessible large print guide for Tao Sublime

This document supports access to the Tao Sublime exhibition content by providing labels with larger text that is easier to read and compatible with screen readers. Download the PDF to your own device for use when visiting the exhibition.

Download the large print guide for Tao Sublime.(PDF, 2MB)


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