Precious: Meet the makers: Anita Dineen

Artist Anita Dineen and QVMAG curator Kate Davies.jpg

Image: Artist Anita Dineen with Kate Davies, QVMAG Assistant Curator Visual Arts and Design, at the opening of Precious: Excellence in Contemporary Jewellery

There's magic in metal - and artist Anita Dineen is committed to drawing out the story in each piece.  

Launceston-based artist Dineen is featured in QVMAG's Precious: Excellence in Contemporary Jewellery exhibition. Her playful approach to wearable art combines form and function with a delicate hand and a touch of the fantastical.  

While Dineen's art evokes the whimsical at a surface level, each piece bears a strong underlying narrative. She noted, "I am inspired by everyday things because I think there's so much magic in things that most people think are ordinary. 

"For example, the teacup and the teapot. They're magical things to me. They're linked to feelings and memories, time and place. And they can be any time or any place.  

"So, the teapot is a special one, because it's full of conversations that have been had and yet to be had. And cups hold those memories with new things that are yet to come to pass." 

Jeweller Anita Dineen shows a rabbit timepiece in her workshop

Image: Anita Dineen's pieces combine form and function in a whimsical fashion.  

Dineen also relishes the duality of metal. "I am drawn to working with metal because I love its apparent permanency and it looks so immovable - but it's actually so pliable to work with," she said.  

"I love exploring the different finishes that I can create on the surface using different applications - like using different drill bits or sanding it, bringing it to a bright polish."  

Through her artwork, Dineen seeks to inspire her audience. She noted, "I want to spark some joy and delight in people's hearts and bring happiness and fun to their lives." 


Precious: excellence in contemporary jewellery 
Art Gallery at Royal Park
8 July - 1 October 2023